Argosy VI









Argosy VI


OFFICIAL NO. . 1054147
LENGTH (registered) : 394 7
GROSS TONS : 1597; regulatory: 14,679 NO
NET TONS . 1200; regulat01y: 5,027 IMO
PROPULSION • Triple Z drive by diesel electric; 3,000 HP total
FUEL CAPACITY : 62,000 gallons
BUILT : 1997, Service Marine Industries / Hull # 180

The M/V ARGOSY VI is a four (4) passenger deck self-propelled casino vessel of all welded steel construction. The vessel has a flat bottom, with some shape and blunt entry forward, with long sloping rake aft. The sides are flat and parallel, with flat transom log. The plumb bow and curving forepeak structure meet the box hull at frame 26.

The fourth deck is a fully open deck, bow to stem, sumunded by perimeter railings. The pilothouse is set forward on the centerline, with long elevated bridge wings, port and starboard sides. Short false stacks are fitted ahead midships, with a signal mast between, set on a tabernacle


The engine room contains the three (3) propulsion motor generator sets, of 1 ,400 KW each, as follows:
# 1 Detroit Diesel 16V-149T 9163-7416 s/N: 16E-13011, 2,367 hours
Gen: 744FSS4672
SIN: A-502039-0396
1,400 KW, 600V RPMs
#2 Detroit Diesel 16V-149T 9163-7416
SIN: 16E-13022, 2,522 hours
Gen: 744FSS4672
SIN: A-502040-0396
1,400 KW, 600V RPMs
#3Detroit Diesel 16V-149T 9163-7416 SIN: 16E-13023, 2,249 hours
Gen: 744FSS4672
SIN: A-502041-0396
1,400 KW, 600V RPMs


The generator room is accessed by ladderwell to starboard, or by watertight door from the engine room, centerline aft.

This space contains the three (3) 1,400 KW generator units as follows:

# 4 Engine • port generator Detroit Diesel, model 16V 149T, S/N 16E1299

• generator

: 17,222 hours Energy Dynamics model M4RSL4673, s/N A-302011-0293, 14KW 277/480 volt unit, operating at 1800 RPM; DOM: 1996
# 5 Engine : center generator Detroit Diesel model 16v-149T-6193-741, SIN 16E13001

: generator

• 16,970 hours Energy Dynamics model 44RSL4673,
SIN A-502013-0296 and its 1,400 KW at 1800 RPM; DOM: 1996

#6 Engine : starboard generator Detroit Diesel Model 16v-149T-9163-7416, SIN 16E-13002

: generator Energy Dynamics, SIN: A-502015-0296; 14KW,
277/480 Volts at 1800 RPM, model 744RSL4673, DOM: 1996

: 15,150 hours

To port is found the oily bilge water tank of 3,450 gallons, followed by the port fuel tank of 25,372 gallons, and the port fuel oil day tank of5,649 gallons.


The vessel is classed by the American Bureau of Shipping, Classification # 9734298, expiring September 30, 2009. It carries both domestic and international tonnage certificates.

Our review found the machinery and annual haul surveys current, with the drydock survey on extension.

The vessel is Certified by the U. S. Coast Guard for 4,000 persons, 379 crew, with a total capacity of 4,407 persons.

Required crew includes one (l) licensed Master, two (2) licensed Mates, fourteen (14) deckhands, one (l) Chief Engineer, one (l ) First Assistant Engineer, two (2) Oilers, and four (4) Watchmen.




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